Don’t Throw Banana Peel Again, It Have Many Benefits

Banana peel contains many alternative and useful properties such as: antibiotic, antifungal and enzymatic properties as well as vitamins B6, B12, pottasium and magnesium. In addition, banana peel is moisturizing and nutritious.

For over the centuries, Indian people have been using the nutritional benefits of banana peel, while people in America are toosing it into the trash.

Everyone knows the sweet taste of banana’s flesh, however its skin is a little biter, fibrous and thick, so in order to consume it, you need to either mix it into various smoothies, or boil it, bake and even fry it for 10 minutes. In this way, the tough texture of the peel will losen up and it will be easier to digest and chew the peel.

Here is why consuming banana peels is good for your body.


Banana peel can be used as a remedy against psoriasis. What you have to do is to scrub the peel on the affected area. You can also use it to moisturize the skin, to relieve itchiness and cure psoriasis in just a few days.


In order to remove warts, use banana peel by applying it on the wart and protect it with a bandage or just rub the affected area with the inner side of the peel.

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Reduce irritation and inflammation by rubbing the banana peel over a certain area every night before sleeping. It can also prevent outbreaks.

Brighten up houseplants

Whipe down the leaves of your plants if they are dusty or dingy  with the inside part of the banana instead of using water that can simply spread the dust around.


Banana peel is rich in potassium, so by holding it through the forehead and the back of the neck, will heal the root of your pain.

Bug bites

Reduce itching of bug bite by rubbing the banana peel and it will calm your skin.

Helps with hemorrhoids

In case of hemorrhoids, the peel of banana is amazingly effective, all you have to do is to rub the peel on the affected area about 5 minutes, 4-5 times a day.

Whiten teeth

If you want to have your teeth whiten, use the banana peel since it is rich in pottasium, however chose a banana that seems ripe, because that is when the potassium levels are optimal.

Rub your theeth with the inner side of tha banana until they get completely covered with tha banana paste.

Apply for two minutes and then leave the banana paste for 10 minutes. After that, brush your theeth with a tooth paste to remove the residue.

Polish shoes

Since the shoe polish contains potassium as banana peel does, you can use it to shine your shoes. Rub the shoe with the peel, and after that buff the shoes with a soft material. The natural oils of banana soak into the leather, so your shoes will last longer.

Rashes and itches

Relieve rashes and itches by rubbing the inner side of the banana peel on the painful area 2 times per day until is completely gone.

Source: Healthandwellness365

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