Review Your Neck and Find Out if you Have Bacteria, Cancer or Parasites

Cancer is a pretty big shock for most people to discover swollen lymph nodes in the neck. It’s quite a common finding, and finding lymph nodes in the neck, around the head, armpit area, and groin. Enlarged lymph nodes could form a lump behind the ear even.

No-as the lymph nodes? They are an important part of the immune and lymphatic systems that help your body fight infection and disease. They are small, in the form of grains glands that carry nutrients, fluids, and wastes between the blood stream and tissues. In general, the lymph nodes aren’t painful, but you probably won’t even feel it.

The problem is when the lymph nodes become swollen. This situation can also be known as swollen glands, lymphadenitis or lymphadenopathy.

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 The causes of swollen lymph nodes

The other day I discovered a small lump on his neck. This hammer turned out to be nothing serious, but sometimes it can be a sign of a bigger problem. When lymph nodes swell in a particular location, such as doors, it could indicate a minor infection such as a cold or something more serious, such as injury, inflammation or even cancer.


Enlarged lymph nodes can appear as small as a pea or as large as a cherry. It’s worth noting that the enlarged lymph nodes aren’t always a sign of illness. For example, lymph nodes could also be normal to the sub menu will if they are less than a centimeter in size. However, once they swell, they will double or triple in size to the point where you’ll be able to feel.
  • Warm, swollen and red skin to lymph node
  • lumps
  • Pain or tenderness when you touch them
  • Infection signs such as sore throat, mouth sores, fatigue, cough, runny nose, sweating, chills and fever


The best way is the swollen lymph nodes to withdraw without going to a doctor to check, however if you are concerned you can lower them at home with this natural remedy.

Natural Remedy: Garlic is known natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial natural remedy that fights infection and helps the immune system. Garlic will reduce swelling and inflammation when the swollen lymph node.

Source: Healthandwellness365


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