Why You Shouldn’t Ever Eat Tilapia, Shocking Reason

Tilapia has made a pretty good standing point in the world of America today. A cheap, non fishy tasting, skinless/boneless, and really difficult to screw up by overcooking which remains an issue with a lot of other fish when it comes to cooking them just right.

Despite this delicacy of a fish, tilapia is known to be a farmed fish. This means that you cannot find wild tilapia anywhere in a grocery store or on any kind of restaurant menu which is a pretty big problem. Thousands of tilapia are being harvest every single day due to how large this fish is on the industrial scale.

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This also concerns their diet of not eating their natural preferences such as algae and lake plants. Farms that use tilapia decide to fatten their fish with GMO corn and soy pellets. The ending result of the healthful fish oils becoming almost entirely extinct which negates the main reason why the fish is good for us in the first place.

Tilapia has also been linked to inflammation that can cause heart disease, asthma, arthritis, and a variety of other serious health issues. These farmed fish may also have ten times more the amount of cancer causing organic pollutants than any other product that isn’t of the wild variety.

If you have begun to put fish in your diet and are making the switch to tilapia, be sure that you research everything you can about this fish before consuming it. You may actually be causing your body more harm than good by digesting these poorly raised toxic farm fish.

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Written by Martin

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