What Cause Back and Joint Pain?

This certain kind of thing is known to cause a lot of problems in people and is often overlooked as something else. Have you experienced a back pain that only continues to get worse? This may be the cause of symptoms due to a vitamin deficiency. This can cause a severe pain in your joints if not addressed.

These kinds of problems happen mostly over the course of different seasons. What with winter and the freezing cold, little sunlight, and very few exercise that we dedicate our time too, it can definitely cause an issue in certain joints that soon ache with pain from the lack of vitamins required daily.

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Vitamin D is a very important piece of our bodies existence. It helps for the absorption of dietary calcium which we use to amplify the strength of our bones. We need vitamin D for our body to have the necessary intake of calcium requirements.

As we see the deficiency slowly consuming the body’s joints, it becomes prominently clear of the source of the problems. When we do not have enough vitamin D to maintain the calcium required for our bodies functionality, the skeleton then becomes the prime source of calcium for the body. This results in osteoporosis and osteopenia.

This kind of pain can often be mistaken for fibromyalgia. The symptoms are very alike to this disease but is not as dire.

The treatment to this deficiency can be induced very easily. Just by giving a patient who requires a dose of 50,000 units of vitamin D once a week for 8 weeks can have tremendous effects on the body. Just by adding a vitamin D supplement you can see tremendous results as well just by increase the intake of 2,000 units per day, as required to help with joint and bone health.

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Written by Martin

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