Early Symptoms Of Brain Strokes That Most People Ignore

Women are on higher brain strokes risk than man, and usually brain stroke occurs to people over the age of 65, however, about 10 % of strokes can occur to those who are under 45 years old. In the US, more than 100,000 women under the age of 65 survive brain strokes in one year.

According to Andrew Stemer, director of the Program for brain stroke from Medtar University Georgetown Hospital, there are several reasons why women are at greater risk of having a stroke than men, but some of the risk factors common to both sexes are smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

One of the main factor is pregnancy, especially in the 1/3 part and one week after birth. It happens as a result of hormonal changes after childbirth because more women are suspended, the flow of blood is slowed and women are more susceptible to the creation of clots.

Another thing that can increase the risk of stroke is taking oral contraceptives. Also women who have migraine with aura are at greater risk of brain stroke. Ischemic stoke is the most common form( which occurs in 80% of the cases) and occurs when the clot prevents sufficient amounts of blood and oxygen to reach the brain. The longer you wait, the higher is the damage, as the doctors say “time is brain”

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You should lead a healthy life, but the best defence is to pay attention to early symptoms and consult a doctor.

Symptoms of Brain strokes:

You feel weak or pain on one side of the body.

You can recognize a symptoms of stroke when you feel a sudden loss of power or feel less on one side of your body, especially in the hands and feet. One side of your face might get stuck and you will not be able to feel emotions such as when smiling your lips don’t move.

You have a problem when talking

There are several forms of symptoms. Sometime you can talk fluently, but you have a trouble with pronouncing the word. People in your surroundings may have troubles in understanding you. Sometimes, we cannot remember a word and pronunce it correctly, but if this happens more often than usual, you need immediate assistance.

Severe headaches

Severe headaches can lead to hemorrhagic stroke that will occur if the vessel is blocked by a clot or bursts. Strokes with bleeding occur less frequently than ischemic stroke, in about 10 to 15 % of the cases but it has a high mortality rate.

Vision Lost

If you experience weakness in the limbs and you start loosing vission on one side, it is a symptom of stroke. However, if stroke occurs, you are more likely to lose vision on the both eyes.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should immediately go to the nearest hospital. Do not pospone it for tomorrow with the excuses that it’s just a migraine or something benign, because you will miss the chance for rapid treatment of stroke, and possibly die.

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