Lose 5 Pounds In 5 Days With This 5 Minute Drink

Nowadays are a lot of ways to lose weight. Mostly they are made of eating healthy foods and exercising continuously.  This is why a lot of people, scientists are try to present us some techniques for faster weight lose. Mostly don’t work as they are actually presented.

We show you same extremely effective. Its ingredients are natural and you will be aware that is not only spending money on blind. You can lose 5 pounds in 5 days.

This is too good to be true, but actually it is true. You just have to stick to the schedule where you shall drink this every day for five days straight.


  • One cup of water
  • A bunch of parsley, which is typically two ounces or 60 grams.
  • One lemon

How to make:

  • Dice the parsley In blender make sure that parsley is finely chopped.
  • Take all the juice from the lemon
  •  Place the juice from lemon in blender on top of the diced parsley
  • Add water
  • Blend

How to use:

  • When you woke up drink this in the morning. It will be the first thing that you’ll consume.
  • Drink this five days continuously, Don’t skip a day
  • Once you have reached the first day, stop for 10 days and resume if you need to lose more weight.

This five minutes drink can burn calories without depriving the body. Ingredients are improving digestion and reduction of bloating.

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Written by Martin

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