Warning Signs That Something Is Wrong With Your Liver

Numerous hazards that modern life has brought can harm the liver. Our body constantly warns us that it is overloaded of poisonous substances. In that state body urgently needs detoxification to restore proper function of its organs.

In order to preserve best state of liver, vital importance has the removal of  toxins using some natural methods.

Unhealthy diet, smoking, stress, alcohol, a large amount of drugs damages the liver. It becomes incapable to perform its regular physiological functions-regulation of digestion, cholesterol levels, protein production, blood sugar levels and and neutralization of toxic substances.

After a certain period of time, it causes artifacts that are rarely associated with impaired liver function.

Therefore, you need to know to recognize the warning signs of your body that indicate that it desperately needs detoxification. Therefore, you mustn’t ignore the following 10 symptoms that here is something wrong with your liver:

  • frequent nausea
  • bright and pale stool
  • bitter taste in the mouth after eating
  • bile attack
  • pain above the eyes
  • hemorrhoids or varicose veins
  • chronic fatigue
  • pain in the stomach after taking fatty foods
  • shiny chair
  • pain under the shoulder blades
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Written by Martin

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