Leaves Of SOURSOP – 1000 Times Stronger at KILLING CANCER Cells Than Chemotherapy

Soursop is a delicious fruit with a specific taste that is said to be a cross between pineapples and strawberries. Apart from its marvelous taste, this fruit has extraordinary medicinal properties.The fruit contains significant amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2.

Effective Against Cancer

Soursop is broadly used as an alternative cancer treatment. But still, there is no medical research evidence. Proponents claim that soursop leaves are thousands of times better at fighting cancer, then chemotherapy. And what is even better, it doesn’t have any side effects. It is believed that soorsop leaves are effective against breast, lung and prostate cancer.
To make a soprsop tea, put 10 chopped leaves in 3 cups of water and boil them. When the 2/3 of the water evaporates, turn off the stove. Let the tea cool off and consume it.

Soursop Tea is Great for Gout Treatment

Gout is an illness characterized by painful and inflamed joints, specifically the joints in the hands and feet. Consumption of soursop leaves tea helps in relieving this condition. This tea helps in cleaning uric acid from the blood, which is the main reason for this condition.

Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

UTI or Urinary tract infection is characterized by the bacterial infection of the urinary bladder, urethra, kidneys and ureters. It is believed that soursop tea has powerful effects to solve these issues. You can drink this tea as a preventive measure.

Effective Against Rheumatism

Rheumatism is a condition where the person experience swollen and painful joints. Soursop leaves are powerful way to treat this illness without taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID). Boil several leaves and mash them. Apply this poultice to the affected joints. You can do this method twice a day.

Perfect for Eczema

Use of the soursop leaves doesn’t come with side effects like some topical steroids do. To fight eczema, follow the method to make a poultice above. Apply the poultice on the affected area. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties you will see the improvement very soon.

Boost the Immune System

Soursop leaves tea is an excellent way to boost your immune system and to protect your body from bacteria, diseases and infections. This tea can be also consumed if you already suffer from an illness and you want to help the body recover much faster.

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