Massage This Point On Your Legs Daily And See What Happen

This is one of those points, one of the most important ones, known as the point of longevity in China and as the point of hundred diseases in Japan.

Massaging of this point, Zu San Li, slows down the aging process and prevents countless diseases by protecting your health.

It is located below the kneecap. It is easy to find: just place your hands on the knees, the left one on the left knee, and the right one on the right knee. The point is placed exactly on the ends of your ring fingers and the pinky, between the bones.

You can also find it by strongly pressing your feet on the ground in front of you, sitting on the floor. Keep your heels down, and you will find a place below your knee, a little bit higher. Press its highest point to find the incredible point.

The point of hundred diseases

This point has got this name as it literally can help your body fight innumerate issues and health conditions.

This point regulates the functions of all organs in the lower part of the body. It also regulates the spinal cord, which is responsible for the proper function of the reproductive system, the glands, the kidneys, the digestive and the gastrointestinal tract.

Adrenal glands discharge vital hormones like adrenaline and hydrocortisone in the bloodstream, and therefore is essential for normal body functioning. Additionally, by massaging the Zu San Li point, you impact your body in a good way when it comes to other cases as well, like gastritis, constipation, impotence, hiccups, urinary incontinence etc.

Not only that, this massage of this point is also useful for getting rid of stress, tension, anxiety, it provides an inner balance, boosts your confidence and has stimulating effects.

This massage also aids the process of losing weight. However, the massage should be done in the evening, and you can lose half a kilo per week.

Massaging the Zu San Li point also has the following effects:

  • prevents inflammation
  • improves the digestion
  • regulates and boost the immune system
  • alleviates the effects of stroke side
  • regulates the glucose and the insulin
  • treats gastrointestinal diseases

Massage of the Zu San Li point – Instructions

Prior to the massage, relax a little bit. It is recommended that you sit during the massage. Breathe in deeply and concentrate on your emotions, marking the start of the healing and the spiritual procedure which is going to restore your body’s and mind’s harmony.

Use circular movements for massaging the point. Do it clockwise, nine times on each leg. Do this in the morning, or before lunch, because if you do it in the evening it may cause insomnia.  All in all, it lasts about ten minutes.

Use your fingers for the massage, or you can also use grain cereals, including oats, buckwheat, rice, or garlic cloves.

Cut the garlic clove in halves and put it on the point, let it stay there for about 2 hours, or until your skin gets a bit red.

Still, triggering this remarkable point during the entire day has many positive effects. For example, you can massage the Zu San Li point clockwise every morning, eight days before the new moon and you will boost your immune system, improve the function of the body organs and revitalize the body.

Additionally, if you do the massaging before lunch, you will improve your memory and the tone in general, as well as the function and the health of your digestive and cardiovascular system.

If you massage this amazing point after lunch, you can soothe headaches, get rid of sleeping issues, anxiety, tension, stress and you will relax.

If you want to lose some weight and speed up your metabolism, massage this point in the evening.

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