After Reading This You Will Never Go to Bad Without Putting Peel on Your Heel

Winters can be hard on our feet, cracked heels, dry and rough skin, which can pose a problem once the summer kicks in and we need to start wearing open shoes.

That’s when we start thinking about  the best methods to get rid of the rough patches on our feet and welcome summer in style. Should we go to a beauty salon and have a pedicure or should we try and improve our condition at home? Is it possible to make our feet look soft and well-tended without spending hundreds on professional foot care?

If you’re struggling with these issues as well you’re in luck – we’ve found the perfect solution which will put an end to all your problems and give you the desired softness in no time. All you need to do is open the fridge and take out 1 lemon! Yes, that’s right, lemons, or rather their peel is the perfect remedy for cracked heels and it’s the easiest treatment you’ve ever read about.

Pick out a lemon which is large enough so that you can cover your heel and slice it in half. Squeeze the juice and take just the remaining peel. You can use the juice to make a lemonade and enjoy while you tend to your feet. Put one half on one heel and the other half of the peel on the other heel. Make sure you’ve placed it on the roughest patches and put on a sock on top so that it can keep it in place. Maybe it’ll be funny at first but you’ll get used to it. Leave the lemon peel for at least an hour and it may even be best if you leave it to act overnight so that it can have a full effect. You’ll notice significant improvements the next morning and after a few treatments, your feet will become soft and well-tended, ready for your favorite sandals.

Try it out and you’ll see for yourself, you’ll never spend another dollar on those expensive pedicures and feet care products. This is the cheapest and most effective solution out there.

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Written by Martin

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