Many Of Us Drink It Daily and Unaware That It Causes Cancer

Today,breast cancer is a serious risk every woman faces and we try to do everything we can do lower that risk and avoid this life-threatening disease. Sometimes we unknowingly harm our own health and we increase the chances of developing breast cancer, among other diseases.

In Norway, research revealed that people who drink 3 glasses of milk daily, have a higher probability of developing breast cancer compared to people who drink 1 glass or less. Superficially, it appears that milk leads to an increased risk for getting breast cancer, Other lifestyle factors may be involved.

In the past, it was believed that milk may protect against or reduce the risk of the cancer growth, yet after this research scientists have proof that it could be a reason for a rise in cancer around the world.

The majority of cancer patients originate from countries like Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Canada and America, countries which are leaders in milk consumption.

Hormones and growth factors inside the milk have been confirmed to possess carcinogenic potential, despite the synthetic dietary fortification of vitamin D, which are supposedly meant to improve milk products.

Those who suffer from breast cancer, on average consume twice as much synthetic vitamin D compared to those who don’t consume milk.
But there may be other significant correlations as well. The number of these cases has grown proportionally along with the consumption of dough, sugar and certain types of meat (especially pork), and the reduced consumption of raw vegetables and fish.

Bras and more specifically those too tight may also increase the risk of breast cancer since they impede lymph flow. Women who wear a bra on a regular basis for 12 hours, have an elevated risk of breast cancer by 20 times in comparison to those who use it rarely or never wear a bra, especially when wearing bras with metal support.

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