Is this causing CANCER, 97% of Cancer patients had this procedure before they were diagnosed

Could your root canal be the root of your chronic illness? A German doctor confessed that 97% of his cancer patients had a root canal some time before they were diagnosed and he refuses to begin any cancer treatments until all root canals are removed. So is it true? Here are the facts you need to know about root canals.

What is a root canal?

The root of your tooth is that scary, claw-like part of your tooth buried in your gums, the canals holding your tooth in place. Your teeth have four root canals and several smaller canals for each root. They are filled with pulp. A root canal removes infected pulp and the nerve in your tooth before it’s filled with an inactive material and resealed.

According to the American Association of Endodontists, more than 15 million root canals are performed in the United States each year, with 89% of the patients satisfied with the treatment.

Disturbing root canal studies

A 1929 study by dentist Dr. Weston A. Price discovered anaerobic material hidden in the accessory canals even after the infected pulp was removed. Dr. Weston stated that there is no dental procedure that could rid the accessory canals of the dead tissue that harbors this bacteria.

The root canal cuts your tooth off from your immune system, your blood flow, and any antibiotics that could flow through it, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Bacterial infection can also occur from wisdom tooth extraction if the jaw bone isn’t properly healed.

The anaerobic bacteria can multiply, spread within the body, and cause a number of chronic degenerative diseases including heart, kidney, neurological and autoimmune diseases. This bacteria has also been linked to causing arthritis and cancer.

Worst of all, all of this can happen without producing any symptoms. You can feel perfectly fine for decades while the bacteria destroys your body.

Sounds concerning, but where are the current studies to support this bold claim?

A 2007 study by the Australian Dental Association confirmed Dr. Price’s findings.

A non-profit organization called Toxic Element Research Foundation (TERF) studied root canal teeth and found anaerobic bacteria in every single one of them in 2010.

Another study of 300 breast cancer patients found that 93% of the patients had a root canal, and the remaining 7% had other surgical dental procedures. The study also revealed that tumors usually appeared on the same side as the root canal.

Though there have been many studies on this root canal issue, the studies are largely dismissed by the medical community.

What can you do about this discovery?

If you have a root canal, you might want to consider getting it removed, even if it isn’t bothering you and you feel fine. There are methods you can explore with your doctor regarding a replacement tooth. You should also consider speaking to a biological/holistic doctor about your options. To prevent the need for a root canal, make sure to practice good oral health i.e. brushing and flossing twice a day.

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