X-Ray Shocks Doctors After Child Complains Of Agonizing Stomach Pain

A lot of doctors can make mistakes during surgeries or different therapies.In this article we are going to talk about 3-year-old boy who had excruciating stomach pains for months.His parents in order to help him,have took him to the doctor and he gave him painkillers to help him to relieve the pain he felt.

Unfortunately,after a period of time he felt that the pain is back again,so he was immediately taken to the local hospital.There the doctors have recommended him an X-ray,and luckily after a few days he felt relieved,his terrible stomach ache has gone.

Before the X-rays,doctors discovered that the child who had horrible stomach ache for months were due to the painkillers.And when the child was taken to the local hospital in India,there the doctors found out that the pain occur because of the metal objects which were stuck in his stomach.

Dr. Datt Pathak, director of Laparoscopic Surgery, quickly took the child to surgery. But there was more shocking news for the Doctor. He had found a battery, 29 magnets and a coin in his gut. The child swallowed these objects which he found around his home, as reported by Daily Mail.That object have probably swallow him more than a year.

The magnets were causing severe stomach pain and hurt his bowels, as they had been stuck together and formed a large magnetic ball. This has been one of the most complicated cases for Dr. Pathak. The poor child has completely gut damage as a result.

All objects were carefully removed in a surgery that lasted 3 hours. Because the family business is making jewelry boxes, the child able to easily find these objects.

However, everything went very well and the child was discharged after a few days. His parents departed him from the working materials for jewelers. In general, parents should take precautions to make sure their children are safe.

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Written by Martin

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