How to Know If Someone Loves You Truly Or Not, MUST READ

Most of the times, people are thinking how they could find out if someone really feels true and deep love for them. It is hard to determine if someone really feels the same way for you.

Here are the things that you should take notice of when it comes to finding out whether they love you or not:

1. They will stop you from doing something irrational.

They will surely stop you from doing risky and uncertain decisions.

2. They are not self-centered when having interc*urse

If your partner loves you, they would focus on your pleasures and what makes you happy instead of their own.

3. They become your personal doctors. 

When you are not feeling well, they have the initiative to make you take up medicine and eat right.

4. They understand if you can’t answer their calls

They are more understandable and patient. They trust you even if you can’t pick up the phone immediately.

5. They will let you do things that will make you happy. 

Small things that puts a smile on your face will be done.

6. Your opinion matters.

Despite having different beliefs and ideas, your opinion will be respected whether you agree or not.

7. Not afraid to let the world hear how much they loves you!

They will make sure that you will always hear how much they love you.

8. Always listens

Their ears will be there to listen for whatever you have to say. They will become your shoulder to lean on and the pillow to cry on.

9. Don’t act different in front of your friends and family. 

They are the same person regardless of the person that you are around with. They are not afraid to show their true colors.

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Written by Martin

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