Check Thyroid Gland At Home, With Glass of Water And A Mirror

From various diseases of the thyroid gland nowadays suffer thousands of people, most women. But they are unaware that they have any problems.

The thyroid has the shape of a butterfly, on the start of the neck. The hormones produced by this gland, affecting the operation of all systems in our body.

When the secretion of thyroxine is excessive, the person becomes hyperactive and in the absence – feels drowsy and no energy.

Also, the thyroid gland is exposed to the risk of various diseases can be enhanced.

To check the operation of the thyroid gland at home, you will need a mirror and a glass of water.

HOW TO CHECK thyroid?

Take a sip of water.

Lift your chin and watch their thyroid gland. You can repeat the procedure several times.

Pay attention to whether it has changed or unusual asymmetry.

Repeat this procedure regularly to make sure that it does not increase, especially if you often feel tired for no reason.

If the thyroid gland is slightly larger than usual, there is no need to immediately lifting panic.

Maybe is not something serious. But definitely ask for an opinion from a doctor.

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Written by Martin

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