STOP Eating Tuna, Cause This Might Happen To You

People eat more fish these days and the most present among all is the tuna fish for sure.

Tuna is mostly recommended as a very healthy type of fish, but there are some things about it that you might not know. They will certainly surprise you. Tuna is actually very harmful to eat!

Whether it is fresh or canned, tuna is known as an important source of proteins and omega-3 fatty acids. It is also a type of fish exposed to mercury, a poisonous mineral that can disturb the normal functioning of the organism.

Tuna contains mercury that can kill you

There are many types of seafood and fish that contain high amounts of mercury or methyl, which can cause too much damage to the central nervous system, especially in the first years of life.

It is scientifically verified that the tuna that comes to the supermarkets, supplies and fish stores contains a very low level of mercury that could kill you, but still, it is better to diminish it and moderate its consumption to avoid any type of illness related to the nervous system.

40 % of this poisonous mineral, which is accumulated in the meat of different fish while they’re still in the water is also contaminated industrially, which generates a progressive deterioration in the cognitive system of people.

Tuna is usually gathered from different oceans and many of them are already contaminated by for example, radiation similar to Fukushima.

This means that the intake of tuna can certainly generate the appearance of cancer in several parts of the person’s body.

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Written by Martin

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