Why Pregnant Lady / Women Need To Have Action Daily

It is every woman’s goal to conceive and people often say that the greatest gift any woman can have is the motherhood. There are women who consider the pregnancy as a burden, but there are other women who notice the changes that happen in their bodies.

Pregnancy can very tough period for a woman. Carrying a child for 9 months can be pretty difficult and stressful. But, the decrease of stress is possible with s.ex during pregnancy, even though you heard that it should be avoided. But the s.ex during pregnancy can be quite enjoying and satisfying.

  1. Enables Sound Sleep

Pregnant women suffer from many types of discomfort, ranging from back pain to frequent urination to lack of sleep. The fetus’s growth shortens the sleeping hours. S.ex will improve your sleep and relax you.

  1. Reduces Blood Pressure

It will allow you to decrease your blood pressure. Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone produced while having action is very effective in relieving stress. The accumulated tension and stress will be gone and your blood pressure will be normalized. S.ex calms the women and reduces the possibility of heart attack.

  1. Reduces Pain

Some hormones like prolactin, oestrogenand progesterone raise the blood flow to the pelvic area, which improves the lubrication and increases the sensitivity.

Increased blood flow to the va.gina results with less pain during intercourse. Action also ripens the floor of the cer.vix which eventually lowers the pain caused by the delivery.

  1. Increases Intimacy

Action during pregnancy can only strengthen the bond between husband and wife. Some people believe that women in this period are very abrasive, so they avoid them.

But, the s.ex allows you to produce the oxytocin which enhances the emotional bond and makes the pregnant women more sympathetic, supportive and trusting. The husband and wife get closer together and strengthen the bond between them.

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Written by Martin

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