5 Powerful Home Remedies To Get Rid OF Joint Pain In Just Matter Of Days

Joints are a connective tissue which help us move. Any injury to them causes often unpleasant joint pain. People think that joint pain comes with age, but that’s not true. Experts say that trauma, heavy lifting, fractures, arthritis and other issues can trigger joint damage and pain. There are a lot of ways to treat it, but natural remedies are the best. What follows is a list with homemade remedies that treat joint pain.


This healthy vegetable has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine as a treatment for joint pain. They rejuvenate the ligaments and bring relief to the pain. It’s easily prepared.

How to make: 

Take one carrot and grate it, then squeeze some lemon juice in it and mix it well. Eat the mix raw or steamed.


Fenugreek has amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which help alleviate joint pain. It is also very effective against arthritis.

How to make:

Take a teaspoon of grounded fenugreek seeds and swallow them with a glass of lukewarm water. Take the seeds every morning and you will see the results soon. You can also soak fenugreek seeds overnight and have them in the morning if it suits you better.

Epsom salt

The high magnesium content makes it a great fit for treatment of joint pain.

How to make:

Add half a cup of Epsom salt to a large bowl of hot water and stir. Submerge your joints in the bowl and let the mix work. You can also take an Epsom salt bath if you cannot submerge your joints, or soak the joints in a tub of warm water with two cups of Epsom salt.

Turmeric and ginger tea

These two ingredients have powerful anti-inflammatory properties making them very useful for treatment of arthritis and joint pain. Turmeric can lower the level of enzymes that cause swelling.

How to make:

Boil two cups of water and add half a teaspoon of each ingredient. Reduce the heat and let the mix simmer for 10-15 minutes. Strain the tea, and you can add honey if you want. Drink it two times daily until the pain goes away.


Onions possess anti-inflammatory properties as any of the ingredients on this list. They consist of sulfur compounds which provide growth of the enzymes that trigger the pain. Onions have a kind of morphine like analgesic effect on joint pain according to a recent study. Add them in your diet to spice up your food and relieve the joint pain.

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