7 Myths Of Beauty That Are Actually True

Today we are going to present you the most beauty myths as total fabrications. However, some of the beauty related “urban legends” are actually true. From here on out, file these fables under “fact”.

Ponytails and Tight Buns Can Make Your Hair Fall Out

All of the hairstyles that actually cause tension pulling at the scalp and root lead to hair loss. The hair is not able to grow back.

Rubbing The Eyes Causes Wrinkles

It doesn’t directly cause wrinkles, so the pulling motion causes delicate, thin skin around your eyes. Appearance of premature aging over time is caused by creasing back and forth. We would not advise you making a habit of it, beside you will not develop a web of crow’s feet from rubbing the eyes just once.

You Can Make Your Hair Stronger and Thicker If You Rinse It With Beer

The hops and barley used to brew beer are full of proteins and vitamins that help your hair appear shiner, stronger and thicker. The alcohol also represents a cleansing agent at the same time. Beer acts to widen and swell the hair shaft until the next wash and it is among the cheapest and best products!

Certain Foods May Worsen or Cause Acne

Acne causing foods are full of chocolate and greasy foods which is not good for the body. Every person reacts differently to different food, so we can not say precisely that certain food causes acne. We recommend you to keep track of your food and then take note when you consume something that actually causes irritation or pimples.

The Best Place For Your Perfume Is In The Fridge

When stored correctly, perfumes can last for years, but the chemicals and oils are easily compromised and fragile by extreme temperatures. Storing your perfume in the fridge is best way to go if you live in a hot climate. Exposure to direct sunlight kills perfume particles faster so dark, cool places with regulated temperatures are perfect.

Lip Balms Can Be Addictive

Though several Internet forums say otherwise, lip balm addiction is not a real medical condition. It actually makes your skin “dependant” on some ingredients such as menthol, salicylic and camphor that irritate rather than moisturize. They only cause dryness, leading you to apply more, while they supposed to hydrate upon application.

Conditioner Can Also Clean The Hair

Conditioner contains compounds that build up lather. The cleaning properties are mild at best because the catch is that it does not contain as much of them. Conditioner washing procedure will be your ticket to healthier standards, softer if you have damaged and extremely dry hair. But if you tend to get greasy or if you have an oily scalp, it is probably not for you.

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Written by Martin

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