She Soaked Her Feet In Mouthwash And When You Read Why, You Will Immediately Do The Same

Many people, especially girls, regularly take care of their nails and hands, either in a cosmetic salon or at home. But what most of as do, is forget about their feet. We should be giving them the same attention. In the following lines, you can read how to give the appropriate care on your feet, with products we all have in our homes.

  • The most common feet infections are fungal infections, due to wearing inappropriate shoes and feet swelling. You can successfully get rid of this stubborn fungal infection by soaking your feet in mouthwash for 30 minutes per day. The mouthwash contains alcohol, that kills nail fungi.
  • The same tick you can use if you have fungal infection of hands – soak your hands in mouthwash for 30 minutes, and for about 2 weeks infection should be gone.
  • Garlic is a very little known cure for Athlete’s foot. To get rid of that infection between your toes, just put a garlic and leave it for about 24 hours.
  • If you have a foot corns, it can easily be removed with an onion. Just slice a piece slice of onion, soak it into vinegar and put on the foot. If you are you are persistent, after a several repeats the corns will become soft and easy removable.
  • You can cure bunions with chili sauce. Just apply a little bit of chili sauce and Vaseline on it, and band the area with gauze. Chili peppers contain capsaicin which has the power to calms the pain.
  • Bunions caused pain can be alleviate also with salt since salt due to magnesium sulfate that decrease inflammation and thus pain.
  • You can use antiperspirant against blisters. You may feel a little pain at the beginning, but the antiperspirant is going to dry the blister area and it will heal more quickly.
  • If you are struggling gout, you should consume more strawberries and cherries, because they are rich in anti inflammatory substances. Moreover, you need to decrease your daily sugar intake, because a recent research has shown that not only meat, but also sugar is related to gout.

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