Scientists Told Women To Stop Wearing Bras, Here’s Why

October 13 is the day when women are released of wearing bra, and it is called No Bra Day.  This day is invented by the breast cancer awareness promoters in order to help raise money for research.

Wearing bra has a harmful effect on our breast.

It has function to make your breast stay on place. It is hard to change your place if you have something that is always putting back in first condition.

Last research which included 330 women between the ages of 18-35 years. His findings were devastating, to be true: he found that wearing a bra from early age did nothing to support the chest, reduce back pain or prevent premature sagging.

Those women who stopped wearing bras during this study had a 7-millimeter lift in their nipples when compared to a regular bra user.

Today the scientist claim that we lack a development of supporting breast tissue when we wear a bra and that without one, we would gain more tone to support our breasts

For younger women, not wearing a bra will lead to increased collagen production and elasticity, which improves lift in a developing breast.”

It is also proven that bras will hamper circulation and reduce the overall tone of our breasts,

bras are an important article of clothing used to cover us up more thoroughly and they are worn for reasons other than reducing the sag of their breasts. In most cases, bras are used in order to prevent our breasts from moving around and distracting those around us, but it turned out that they harm our body, so we should consider eliminating them.

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Written by Martin

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