Don’t Ignore Pain In This Parts Of The Body, Cause It Can Cost Your Life

Pain in any part of the body is normally a signal that something is wrong.

However, we sometimes ignore these signals and assume everything is okay.

Sometimes, pain in one body part could mean that something is with a different part of the body.

Sometimes, the pain may be very insignificant, but you shouldn’t disregard it.

Any pain that lasts over a week needs to be checked as ignoring it can cost your life, particular where these parts of the body are concerned:

1. Lungs and diaphragm – With lung problems,  you’ll  feel pain in your neck and upper shoulders.

2. Heart – Individuals with heart problems usually feel pain in the chest. Others experience pain in their right hand, on the upper back. Likewise, pain can be experienced in the left side of the body since heart problems are usually associated with body parts that send impulses, like the spinal cord.

3. Black liver and gall bag – You’ll experience pain in the upper shoulders and neck when something is wrong with the gall bag or liver, particular when the pain occurs persistently on the right side where they’re located. You may also feel pain in the shoulders as well as the back of the diaphragm.

4. Stomach and pancreas – Pain in the abdomen and back, especially around the area where pancreas is located, is normally a clear indication that something is not right with either of these two organs.

5. Large intestine and cecum – Pain in the central lower abdomen could indicate problems with the rectum or the colon. You should visit a doctor immediately as this is a potentially grave problem.

6. Small intestine – You’ll feel pain around the navel area if something is wrong with the small intestine. You need to see the doctor whenever you feel pain around this area of the body.

7. Bladder – When you have bladder problems, you’ll experience pain in the lower pelvis.

8. Kidneys – Kidney problems may be difficult to diagnose as the pain occurs across lower abdomen, lower back, thighs, and pelvis.

9. Ovary – Ovary inflammations result in pain in front of your abdomen. When it comes to cysts, an intense and stabbing pain occurs around the area where they’re located.

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Written by Martin

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