This Vitamin Kills Cancer Cells But It’s Illegal In The US

Cancer sufferers face with the fight of their lives! A lot of researchers try to find out more effective cancer treatment that’s not as devastating as chemo and radiation.

Probably one of the best known is vitamin B17.

The History of Vitamin B-17

Back in 1970s, Sloan-Kettering was one of the leading research centers of cancer in U.S. at the period of full swing of this deadly disease. In 1974, Ralph Moss joined the Sloan-Kettering center, and it was in this period when they were testing the form of vitamin B17 called Laetrile. This was his first big job, and he suddenly found himself in the middle of a huge groundbreaking discovery.

However, as soon as the Board of Directors of the center found out more about this research, they swept Laetrile under the rug, and stopped the research upon the conclusion that Laetrile is potentially dangerous.

But Ralph Moss couldn’t just leave this topic, as he saw huge potential in this vitamin. He called a press conference where he blamed his employer of organizing huge cover-up of the research of vitamin B17. Ever since then, Laetrile has been banned in America.

The Reason They Banned It

According to the FDA, this vitamin is extremely toxic. Nevertheless, many doctors still disagree. Edward Griffin has extensively studied this vitamin, and has explained his thoughts in his book “World Without Cancer”. He explains that he couldn’t find any statements that amygdalin in any dosage employed or recommended by medical doctors in America and abroad, is pharmacologically harmful.

The Research Continues

Although this vitamin is banned and proclaimed as toxic in America, world-wide researchers have continued to research its effects, and in fact have found positive results in various clinical studies:

  • According to 2003 research, amygdalin in peach pits affects the growth of tumor.
  • A 2006 research showed that it regulates Bax and Bcl-2 expressions in cancerous cells, causing apoptosis.
  • A 2013 research, it was discovered that it is potentially effective in the treatment of cervical cancer.
  • According to 2014 research, it affects bladder cancer tumors.

What You Can Do

The former employee of Sloan-Kettering center, Ralph Moss, has started a petition calling his former employer to recognize the positive results of Laetrile. Click here if you like to sign the petition.

However, we don’t encourage you to seek out this vitamin illegally by breaking the law.

If you like to find out more about the role of vitamin B17 in the cancer treatment, please consult your doctor. You should talk with your doctor prior to taking any medicines or supplements, or starting a new treatment for any serious health condition, such as cancer.

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