This Problems Bananas Solves Better Than Pills

Bananas contain three types of sugar and a great content of fiber and that is the reason why that fruit quickly provides us energy.Bananas also are able to remove various problems, usually issues that make people to reach for pills.


Stress is considered as a disease of the modern age, and as a matter of fact, it continuously is leaving a negative impact on human health. Namely, stress speeds up the metabolism, and therefore increases the level of potassium that is dropping in the body. You can establish balance with the help of a banana. This fruit contains enough potassium, which is able to normalize the heartbeat, as it sends oxygen to the brain and regulates the optimum amount of water in the body.


Pectin contained in bananas speeds up the digestion and therefore encourages the removal of toxins and heavy metals from the body. Moreover, bananas are pro-biotic stimulator of the intestine. All these factors contribute to reduction of flatulence while the hair soft fruit will awaken the intestine and will act as natural laxative for constipation.

  1. PMS

Bananas contain high amount of vitamin B6, which has positive impact on blood glucose levels. There are many studies that show that vitamin B in PMS works well. This vitamin reduces pain in the abdomen area and chest, but also reduces the mood changes and the accumulation of water in the body.


Medical experts explain that high intake of sodium and low intake of potassium have negative effect on the blood pressure. That is the reason why you should have a sufficient amount of potassium, and it can be found in bananas. It is recommended to eat 1 banana every morning. On that way you will maintain the pressure to the ideal permissible limit.


Tryptophan is ingredient contained in banana, or more precisely shape of protein that stimulates the secretion of the hormone of luck – serotonin. It is amazing that only 1 banana is enough to increase the level of serotonin, and the result of that is relaxed and happy feeling.

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