Mix 3 Ingredients And Never Fear Cancer And Tumors Again

The recipe we recommend here has been approved by many natural medicine practitioners as a great protection against any kind of tumor.

All you need to do is mix ¼ tsp. turmeric with ½ tsp. olive oil. Add a pinch of ground black pepper to the mixture.

The best way to consume this health-boosting mixture is to add it to a variety of dishes, including soups and salads. If you are adding it to cooked dishes, make sure you don’t overcook the ingredients as they may lose some of their health benefits. Ideally, you should add them in the end. You can also choose to drink the mixture, but in this case, you’d want to mix it with some water.

But what exactly prevents cancer and cancer spread?

There’s mounting evidence that supports the cancer-fighting properties of turmeric. This bright yellow spice is actually one of the components of curry. Turmeric also provides powerful anti-inflammatory effects. In fact, there’s no better natural anti-inflammatory agent on the planet than turmeric.

Turmeric has been growing in popularity over the past couple of decades as a number of studies have found that it prevents several types of cancer, including colorectal, prostate, and brain cancer.

There’s however one setback when it comes to this spice, and it’s its bioavailability. In other words, turmeric is not easily metabolized in the body, which means you don’t get full advantage of its health benefits. It’s because of this that turmeric is usually mixed with pepper and ginger, both of which increase turmeric’s bioavailability in the body. Pepper can even increase turmeric bioavailability by up to 200%.

In order to fully reap the health benefits of this cancer-protecting and cancer-fighting mixture, consume it on a regular basis several times a day.


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Written by Martin

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