10 Traditional Beauty Secrets That You Can Steel From Your Grandmother

We all remember all the wisdom out grandmothers gave to us. Their words are so clever that are remembered for decades and passed through generations. Thus, when it comes to beauty tricks, there’s no way grandma falls behind. As the matter of fact, our grandmothers are who have gave the best natural way to look beautiful and young.

Here Are Some Beauty Tricks we Can Learn From Them:

1. Drink lots of water to make your body and skin hydrated

You should always stay hydrated. It’s not only your body which needs to be hydrated but the skin too. So, drink water with intervals during the day.

2. Massage your hair with coconut oil once in a week

One of the golden advice you can get from your grandma is exactly this- to use coconut oil. Thus, massage your hair with coconut oil once in a week, let’s say every Sunday 2-4 hours before washing your hair or keep it through the night if possible. The coconut oil will strengthen your hair and it will give it a shiny beautifully looking.

3. Flip your head upside down

Flip your head upside down for like 15 seconds (it’s not advisable more than this). This helps with the blood circulation to your head and it makes your skin glow naturally.

4. Don’t forget to nourish your skin with olive oil everyday

After a long and exhausting day, whether home or at work, rub your hands with olive oil. It will nurture and smooth your skin which differently will be rough and dry because of the continuous usage of detergent and water.

5. Wash your face twice a day-in the mornings and evenings

Grandma suggests washing the face twice a day but it also depends on one’s skin type. For instance, someone who is using heavy make-up should wash the face twice a day, on the contrary, the ones who do not use heavy make-up and whose skin is oily can do it once in a day.

6. Don’t over pluck your eyebrows

Don’t over-pluck your eyebrows constantly because it will damage the follicles which can stop new hair from growing.

7. The best moisturizer is honey and Glycerine

Grandma’s best formula for moisture the skin is precisely with honey and glycerine. Put on your face mixture of these two ingredients and let it stay for some minutes. Wash it gently with wet cloth or cotton. Do it every night, and you’ll have skin like baby.

8. Always remove your make-up and apply moisturizer before going to sleep

The make-up you use is made of chemicals which can carry dirt and impurities during the day. Dirt is invisible, so you can’t see it. Thus, always tend to remove your make-up and apply moisturizer before night sleep.

9. Grandma suggests: Love yourself and smile as much as you can

In fact, smile can do miracles for your body and skin. Grandma’s right one more time. It reduces stress which makes one look younger. Some of the scientiác reasons involve emphasizing cheek bones and lips, lifting your face and making you attractive.

10. Follow her morning beauty tricks

Mix some lemon juice and oats and make a paste. Then, apply the mixture on you face and neck and let it dry completely. Wash it off and pat it dry. Do it every day in order to see results.

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Written by Martin

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