Overcome Swollen, Tired And Painful Legs With These Tricks

As a result of standing for too long throughout the entire day, many people suffer from tired and swollen legs.

This problem usually occurs in people who stand for too long, especially those whose work demands many hours being in a standing position: merchandiser, hair dressers, bakers…

When we walk or run, the muscles under the knees help in the process of pumping the blood towards the heart, in a way that they pressure the blood vessels. Anyway, during a long period of long standing in the same position, the blood might build up in the legs and thus cause a feeling of tiredness and swollen legs, which will later certainly cause pain and fatigue. In case these symptoms repeat occurring after a while, it is a clear sign that your vein system in the legs is overloaded. Because of this, after a while, you will be dealing with varicose veins.

How to prevent your legs from hurting and swelling until the end of the day?

There are several preventive measurements that you can apply in order to reduce the unpleasantness that causes varicose veins. In the same way you will also be able to prevent or, at least, slow the process of varicose veins occurrence.

Regulate your body weight and diet

Excess pounds will additionally burden the veins, making their work and function much harder to do. It is of great importance to pay attention to what you eat – make sure to intake less salt, increase the intake of fruit, vegetable and fiber.


Move! This way the muscles improve the vein circular pressure in the vein blood vessels. Walk around, run, sport; chose the physical activity that suits you the most.

Avoid long periods of either just standing or sitting

In case standing for a long period of time is inevitable, you can at least change the leg on which you put your bodyweight in order to somehow stimulate the process of blood circulation. Preferably, take a walk on every half an hour.

Avoid wearing high heels

When you are wearing regular shoes, the calves are more active, unlike when wearing high heels. Also, make sure to avoid wearing too tight clothes because this way your blood circulation will be slower, which is very bad for the overall health.

Do not sit with your legs crossed

Experts advise not to sit with crossed legs because such way of sitting might cause problems with blood circulation and thus toughen the returning of blood back in the heart.

Extract from fruit of horse chestnut is considered to be a very efficient solution against varicose veins, which is used against chronic vein insufficiency, as a result of varicose vein, in which case the blood has problems when trying to re-enter the heart. Horse chestnut will significantly help you when it comes to reducing both the swelling and the pain cause by varicose veins. It is used externally in a form of a gel, cream ointment etc. When it comes to using in internally, you can use it as an extract in a form capsules or pills.

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