Did You Know That Drinking From Copper Can Do This To Your Body, It’s Fascinating

When choosing dishware, some people prefer minimalist clean lines and pastel colors, and others opt for different patterns and bold colors.

But there is another criterion about your dishware that has more to do with your health than with your taste.

You may have hard time finding a connection between health and dishware, but believe us, there really is.

Particularly, this connection can be found in the material; for millennia people have suspected that there is something extraordinary about cups made from copper.

Science supported these suspicions, and many studies confirm that copper is a “contact destroyer” for numerous harmful materials.

And even though too much copper may harm your body, you can still use its benefits, by embracing the ancient Vedic practice of drinking from copper vessels, but not more than 4 times in the week.

This is a simple change in the lifestyle that can make a great difference for your health!

But How Does Copper Affect Our Health?

Apart from being used for tools and jewelry, copper has a long history of being used for its medicinal benefits.
Both Vedic people and ancient Egyptians used copper vessels to keep great amounts of water — they kept water fresh, which made it safer to drink.

This is now supported by science, and even though copper is not safe to consume in great amounts — small quantities of this metal have extraordinary effects on the general physical health.

So buy yourself a copper cup, and find out how drinking from it can benefit your health!

1: Soothes the Joints

Copper is an effective treatment against joint problem, particularly if the copper oxidizes and becomes green, making the skin around it green too.

This specific treatment may be more a tale than a remedy, but copper can promote the restoration of lost cartilage, which can alleviate the pain linked to arthritis and other joint problems.

Even though the scientific community does not confirm this, many practitioners claim that copper can help your swollen and sore joints.

2: Brain Stimulation

We know how annoying it can be to feel sluggish and slow. In such cases, you can speed up your brain by adding copper to your organism.

Copper stimulates the body to produce myelin sheaths – key part of the nervous system, which allow synapses to go from one point to another.

3: Balances The Thyroid Function

Copper is one of many nutrients that the body requires in order to perform the normal daily functions.

Particularly, thyroid disorders such as hyper- or hypothyroidism are often linked to copper deficiency in the body.

These conditions are associated with weight changes, mood swings and hormonal fluctuations so copper consumption can help the body balance the thyroid function.

4: Helps The Digestive System

Eating small quantities of copper can help your digestion, since it can stimulate the digestive muscle contraction that move the waste through your intestines.

It can also destroy bacteria, which can help you eliminate harmful microorganisms that may cause upset stomach.
Having this in mind, limit the intake of copper, so you can prevent the destruction of the “good” gut bacteria.

5: Strengthens Hair

Copper improves the production of melanin, a fundamental component for healthy hair. Copper can help you restore the health of thinning hair.

Also, it can speed up the hair growth after chemotherapy, since it enlarges the follicles and reduces the time needed for the hair to grow.

6: Boosts the Cardiovascular System

Copper is not a solution for every cardiovascular issue, but the US Department of Agriculture demonstrated that copper can improve the cardiovascular health.

And even though copper is not a replacement for a healthy life, supplementary copper can open up the blood vessels and reduce arterial plaque, preventing blockages.

7: Healthy Skin

The melanin which is beneficial for your hair is also very beneficial for your skin.

Copper promotes production of healthy skin cells and smoothness, and is especially useful for healing dry and damaged skin.

It also boosts the production of collagen, which improves the health and elasticity of the skin.

8: Supports the Spleen and Liver

Even though it is not scientifically confirmed the copper supports the spleen and liver functions, the Vedic people used it claiming it is healthy for the lymphatic system, spleen and liver.

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Written by Martin

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