Thread You Eyebrows Without Tweezers In Less Than 5 Minutes

People want their eyebrows to be well-shaped because it makes your face fresh and it helps you to look more attractive. There are several methods which can be used to shape your eyebrows such as shaving, tweezing and waxing.

Eventhough tweezing is better thatn shaving and it saves you from the effort of doing your eyebrows more frequently, it still has its own drawbacks. Tweezing leads to ingrown hairs. Sometimes, during the tweezing process, your hair follicles break underneath the skin and it creates a red bump.

If the hair of eyebrows gets trapped with bacterial infection during the tweezing process, ther are great chances of getting acne or a pimple. Moreover, this process makes your skin pores wide open which can lead to skin infections.

It should be mentioned that pveruse of tweezer can make your eyebrows sparse, unattractive and thin. It can also damage the follicles permanently, which are helpful for hair growth.

Another method that can be used is waxing, but its major side-effect is the peeling off your top layer of facial skin. It can also cause wrinkles or skin loosening due to damaged skin.

Instead of tweezing and waxing, you should try threading, so let’s look in detail benefits of this method.

What are the Benefits of Threading?

This process is very simple and it can be used for both men and women to remove hair from any part of the body.

Not only this method is quite quick, but it is also less painful and traumatizing. It is a chemical free process and hygienic in nature. All you need is a clean thread. Moreover, this method does not lead to skin redness, pigmentation or acne breakouts.

The threading process slows down the hair re-growth process and makes hair less dense. It is an easy method to get a classic eyebrows shape of your choice. It is also the fastes method and you can use many wired styles of eyebrows as well.

How To Use Threading to Shape Your Eyebrows?

Use an ice cube to make your skin numb so that you feel less pain while removing hair. Here is a detailed process for you to know how to use threading to shape your eyebrows.

Things you need

  • Pencil- 1
  • Ice cube- 1
  • Clean Tread- 1 (long enough to tie a knot in your hand)


  1. First of all, place the ice cube on your eyebrows to make the skin numb.
  2. Make sure the skin is dry before you start the threading process.
  3. Use your pencil to make the shape you want on your eyebrows.
  4. Now take the thread and cut in between. Later tie the ends of thread to make a loop.
  5. Hold both the sections of the loop in each hand and twist it around your hand for 5-6times.
  6. Hold the other section of thread tight.
  7. The following step is very important, you need to place the thread properly near to the eyebrow and the twisted thread can be used to remove the hair.
  8. To make the shape of eyebrows which you have drawn on it, place your finger ovet the eyebrow and this will also keep your skin tight in order to lower the pain.
  9. Place the thread on the unwanted hair and pull it against the direction in which hair grow.
  10. In order to open the thread and close it quickly to trap the hair in it, use the scissors motion with your hand.
  11. Remove all the unwanted hair by pulling it quickly using the thread.

As you can see, the process is very simple and the best part is that it doesn’t have drawbacks like the other methods. All you need is a regular practice and you will soon be expert of doing threading.

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Written by Martin

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