WARNING: If You See a Blue Line on the Curb Outside Your House…This Is What It Means

At the point when little entrepreneur Anthony Welichko saw people in general turning agains the police administration as of late, he chose to take things into his own particular hands with this activity.

He calls the development “The Sheltered Harbor Activity,” and he presented a message on law authorization on his Facebook page. Since making the post, it has been shared more than 85,000 times by individuals supporting his cause.

The Sheltered Harbor Activity:

To all law authorization who see this line, realize that the occupants of this home welcome your administration and commitment to keeping the peace. Realize that when you enter the area and see these lines that you are not the only one or without “move down”.

We needn’t bother with the media to make our voices of backing for our police and crisis administrations heard ( however it would be decent). Finally, in the event that you are in my neighborhood and intend to hurt an individual from law authorization, realize that choice might be dangerous to you wellbeing as somebody has that officers back!

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Written by Martin

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