This 10 Everyday Things Cause Cancer

The pharmaceutical industry has been hiding ten secret causes for cancer, just so they can make a profit.

Mammography, dental X-rays, scanner at the airport – Yes, even these things. Healthcare professionals are always in close contact with Big Pharma and they always want to turn a profit. As long as it emits some kind of radiation, its best to avoid it.

Commercial soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, creams – Remember that anything that goes on your skin, hair or teeth always ends up in your bloodstream. All store bought things are carcinogenic, better go natural and make your own.

Hormones in our food – As we all know, most of our livestock and domestic animals are pumped full ofhormones and drugs, just so they can produce more milk and meat. However, these chemical have been known to cause inflammation, cancer and many other diseases.

Aluminum in deodorants and antiperspirants – Where do we all apply deodorant? On the armpits. Where does breast cancer occur? In the upper quadrant, near the armpit. We suggest you use homemade or organic deodorants.

Artificial sweeteners – The problem here are insulin levels, which are adversely affected by artificial sweeteners. We receive refined sugar from GMO sugar beets, which we all know is cancerous. Also, fructose contains caramel color which is a known carcinogen. Another factor is the fact that sugary drinks in general acidify the human body, which allows the cancer cells to multiply. We advise that you generally abandon sodas and sugary drinks and limit your consumption of sugar.

GMOs – Taking soy as an example, most of it in America is genetically modified. How can any food type found in nature today, like bananas or cauliflower, stay healthy when you change its genetic makeup?

Fluoridated water – Better drink spring or bottled water. Fluoride is a substance the government uses as a way to keep water passing through pipes clean. What it actually does is weaken our immune system and drains our bodies of minerals.

Cosmetics – The makeup we use is full of petroleum and tar. These chemicals actually travel through the skin, they enter the bloodstream and make way towards areas where cancer can metastases. As above, use organic or homemade cosmetics.

Medication – Talk to a doctor whom you trust and have an honest and patient conversation with him. Trust his advice and expertise and stay away from needles drugs and medication that exists solely to make big pharma money.

Canned Goods – What is dangerous here is that there is a chemical called bisphenol -A (BPA). This chemical has been show to alter the brains of mice and rats. The problem is that this chemical is found in almost all canned goods, as it lines the tin of the can.

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Written by Martin

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