This Old Folk Remedy Will Help You To Overcome Hard Stool

Of all the disorders that are exposed intestines, the most common is chronic constipation.

The cause of the disease is the lack of bowel movement and withholding of the stool when it occurs.

Healthy people empty their bowels once or twice over a period of 24 hours, and it is a sign of natural and healthy digestion. It can sometimes happen to empty and clean the intestines several times a day, but it does not mean that it is some kind of disorder.

Problems caused by constipation affect not only the body but the spiritual condition as well. People with constipation are very nervous and irritable, and often suffer those whose job requires them to sit or move very little.

Treating constipation

Wash half a kilogram of dried figs with hot water well and place them in one liter of water in order to boil on low heat for half an hour. Allow the liquid to cool, and then drink a cup of it, on every 2 hours, and eat the figs.

Better results can be achieved if you cook half a kilogram of dried figs and half a kilogram of prunes in three liters of water. Allow the liquid to evaporate until there is one liter of it. Drink 1 deciliter of the liquid before or after meals. Eat one tablespoon of the cooked figs and plums too. The remaining liquid is used the next day.

During constipation you should eat more barley, chard and cabbage. Eating fresh fruits (such as apples and plums) is also very useful. Also, you should use red onion.

Cook wheat and oats is used as a cure for constipation. Put 100 grams of oats and wheat in one liter of water and cook them well. Eat the wheat and oats as an addition to meals and drink the liquid instead of water. During the treatment of constipation, the meals must be small and frequent.

Get rid of all physical and mental efforts and staying in crowded areas. Walk more in nature or go hunting or fishing. Easy things that will distract from everyday life are highly recommend. It is allowed to drink a glass of white wine a day.

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