What Will Happen If You Soak Your Feet In Cold Water Every Night, You Will Be Surprise

Every evening, after you come home from the hard day at work, try to soak your feet in cold water. Sergey Bubnowsky, a world famous kinesiotherapy specialist from Moscow, suggests practicing a simple yet effective method that will help you to strengthen your immunity.

He says you should soak your feet in cold water once you come home after work. It is highly important to always use cold water, never warm/lukewarm or hot!

Get in your bathtub, soak your feet only and let them in the cold water for 10 to 15 minutes.
Once you are done with the method you need to pat dry your feet. After that put your favorite woolen socks on and enjoy the warmth. Practice doing this procedure every evening in order to boost your immunity.

If you are already dealing with a cold, it is a reason plus to improve and strengthen your immune system. In this case, you should soak your feet in cold water on every four hours. Do not panic about the water not being warm in combination with your cold because this method will only do you good, explains Dr Sergey.

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Written by Martin

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