Baking Soda And Coconut Oil Can Kill Cancer

Most people would be skeptical to hear that simple kitchen cupboard ingredients have been used to clear up skin carcinomas. This is a real life story, about a woman who suffered from basal cell carcinoma skin cancer. The skin cancer was located on the crown on her head.

She was completely cured after her daughter insisted that she try baking soda paste and apply it directly on the affected cancer area. Azizo, the daughter, was really convincing. Her mom was against this method in the beginning, but Azizo, a respected writer and supporter of natural medicine searched for many articles about people who treated their skin cancer using this amazing combo – baking soda and coconut oil.

She had three surgeries and each time the cancer returned even worse. Eventually, her mother decided to trust nature, and started using baking soda and pure cold pressed organic coconut oil instead of water.

She applied the thick paste on the affected area, aware of the fact that coconut oil has skin cellular regenerative powers. She also figured that coconut oil is an effective adjunct to baking soda. She just applied the remedy, without rubbing it on the affected area.

Polysporin Triple 3 Antibiotics was the only pharmaceutical item Azizo used, applied only at night. You can use any other antibiotic ointment as a precaution against bacterial infections within the sore area. Colloidal silver soaked cotton could work as well.

Stop using the ointment when the wound closes. Azizo kept applying baking soda and coconut oil, accompanied with cotton soaked in vinegar and taped to the skin. This induced the penetration of baking soda to the basal cell carcinoma roots beyond the skin’s surface.

Azizo applied the remedy for 38 days, and her mother was completely free from skin cancer and the wound healed completely. This type of skin cancer is not deadly as melanoma can be, but it does continue spreading on the skin until cured completely.

It is regular household baking soda they were using, nothing fancy or expensive. Of course, the rumors about aluminium in baking soda are totally misguided. Baking powder contains aluminium, unless it is labeled as aluminium free.

Baking soda provides alkaline environment, and as we already discussed, tumors only thrive in acidic environments.

Dramatic Life and Death Story

Vernon Johnston used the Veteran’s Administration to determine he had a stage III prostate cancer. He was recently divorced and low on cash. His cancer metastasized into the hip area and soon developed in stage IV. In several weeks he was supposed to be examined about the therapy he needed to undergo, and one of his sons recommended a few substances that could rapidly alkalize on a cellular level.

He ordered cesium, but it never arrived. He used baking soda and blackstrap molasses, instead of maple syrup, so the Trojan Horse sugar would open cancer cells wide and they could receive the highly alkaline influence of baking soda, which would eventually result in destruction of cancer cells.

He used this remedy and two weeks later his next bone scan determined no spreading of cancer. The PSA dropped from 22 to 5 to 1 over the course of his treatment and pharmaceutical prescriptions.

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