Never Eat This 9 Foods And Reduce The Chance Of An Early Death

Check out your kitchen and see what is lurking there. Many people have some or all of these nine foods you should never eat again if you want to reduce the chance of an early death.

These foods taste better or make meal preparation easier, but they are worse in the long run due to their chemical content or lack of nutritional value.

Frozen Meals

Preservatives, processed salt and hydrogenated oils are very common in most frozen meals. For that reason, it is better to avoid them and their extreme lack of nutrients. If you are opting for frozen meals, try Amy’s or Organic Bistro – two brands that try to create truly healthy varieties.

White Rice

Most nutrients have been stripped from the rice when it is white rice. Brown rice is processed differently, absorbed more slowly and provides a more even energy level. White rice, even the fortified variety, does not provide nearly the same amount of nutrients.

White Bread

Refined flour and white bread are stripped of nutrients and are hard to digest. They also have been bleached and can contain chlorine and bromide that were used for that process. Skip the white bread and go for whole grains that contain vitamins and minerals.

Cured Meat

Hot dogs, bacon, deli meats and other meats available at the grocery store contain sodium nitrite and other chemical preservatives. These have been linked to both heart disease and cancer. It is better to opt for uncured meats.

Microwaveable Popcorn

The corn kernals used for microwave popcorn is genetically modified, and then processed salt and preservatives are added to improve its flavor. Add to that the fact that a chemical called diacetyl can destroy the lungs, and that is found in microwaveable popcorn. Avoid the disease and unhealthy chemicals in the bag and use organic kernals in a kettle instead.

Soy Milk

Almost all non-organic soy is genetically modified and has lost a significant amount of the benefits gained from consuming soy. Hexane is a toxic chemical that can cause birth defects, issues with reproduction and even cancer. Non-fermented soy is high in estrogen and interferes with the natural hormone balance as well.

Energy Bars

Energy bars include soy protein, refined sugars and hydrogenated fat, which are all things to avoid. Therefore, even though as a meal replacement it is supposed to help with weight loss, it can actually be bad for you. There are some brands that stick to natural ingredients, like PROBAR, Organic Food Bar and Zing. It still takes caution and some label reading to make sure they are worth consuming and will be healthy alternatives.

Diet anything

Artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose are known to cause endocrine disruption, neurological issues and gastrointestinal problems. These are ingredients in diet products, along with chemical flavoring agents. These chemicals replace natural fat and other elements removed to reduce calories. A better way to eat is to stick to whole foods and those high in fat that were grown the natural way.


The common misconception that butter and saturated fats are bad, but the true danger comes with the hydrogenated trans-fat known as margarine. Used in numerous processed foods, margarine is something to avoid. If you want to skip the butter and animal-based fats, opt for coconut oil or olive oil.

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Written by Martin

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