Watch What Happens When You Add 1 TBSP Of THIS To The Stem Of Your Plants

Cinnamon is a very versatile plant, used for many purposes- from medical to culinary and decorative.

Due to its pleasant smell and tasty flavor, cinnamon is very adaptable and extremely healthy. This spice can also be used in the garden and help with root cuttings, preventing seedlings fungus and destroying pests.

Unlike aggressive chemicals, cinnamon is safe, healthy, cheap and, oh-so-magnificent. If you don’t know how to use cinnamon in the garden, read full article and learn its benefits:

  1. Seedlings — seeds or seedlings can easily be threatened and harmed by diseases, and this is where cinnamon steps in. These problems usually happen as a result of various fungus and inadequate soil. To prevent dampening off, sprinkle cinnamon on soil. This gives quick, effective and permanent results.
  2. Wild mushrooms- mushrooms appear among flowers and are tricky to handle. They are basically fungus, so if you use cinnamon to dust all over the mulch, this will reduce the unintentional mushroom growth.
  3. Rooting hormone- cinnamon works incredibly and is way cheaper if you want to encourage the roots health and growth. Just sprinkle cinnamon on the plant stem when you plant the cutting and enjoy the prompt results.
  4. Ant deterrent- ants are annoying and damaging to the soil and plants, so you can use cinnamon to get rid of them. They are very repulsed by cinnamon so place cinnamon in your garden and house to keep ants away.
  5. Plant wounds- if you have an injured plant you can help it heal by applying cinnamon on damaged area. This will also keep the fungus away.
  6. House plants- as good as it is for the garden plants, it is also marvelous for the house plants, too. To steer clear of molds and mildew, sprinkle cinnamon in plants’ soil. Additionally, this will keep the gnats away.

Needless to say, cinnamon is truly beneficial for the human health as well so- the more, the merrier.

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Written by Martin

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