Woman Cured Her Stage 4 Cancer Without Chemo By Eating A Lot Of THIS

One of the world’s leading deadly diseases is cancer definitely. It’s affecting the lives of millions of people across the world every day. Chemotherapy is the most commonly used method of fighting cancer, but this technique often causes more agony to the patients. For that reason, many cancer patients, like Candice Marie Fox in this article, opt for alternative methods to deal with their type of cancer.

After being diagnosed with 20 papillary thyroid carcinomas that were a clear indication of thyroid cancer, Fox was given only a year to live.

Doctor suggested her to remove the lumps so that she could extend her life and avert the risk of losing her voice. Unfortunately, this remedy didn’t give positive results and the cancer spread to the her neck’s back as well as to her liver.

Taking a More Proactive Approach

Fox was against chemotherapy, as she blamed it for the deaths of her friend and her cousin, aged 31 and 13, respectively.

Instead, she decided to do something on her own. She quit smoking, drinking, using cosmetics, as well as using toxic products. She didn’t even spare her job and her unsupportive husband.

She took up yoga, positive thinking, and meditation, but also went the vegan lifestyle. She believed that cutting out meat will result in her body having more energy to combat cancer.

“There is a protein in animal products that feed the cancers and when I was eating big hefty meals my body couldn’t heal because all our energy is going into digesting the meal.”

The Powerful Fruit Behind Her Recovery

Can you imagine that pineapple was the secret behind Fox’s recovery from cancer? This fruit is rich in bromelain, a compound that boosts the immune system and alleviates inflammation. In fact, it enhances the cancer-killing potential of macrophages 12-fold!

Fox juiced 3 pineapples every day. She mixed them with kiwi, bananas, lemon, grapefruit, papaya, and apples. Her grade 4 cancer had virtually disappeared within just six months after taking up the new diet!

Actually, her thyroglobulin (protein produced by cancerous cells) levels had been cut down to 0.7 from 13 nanograms per millilitre. After five years, her levels dropped to 0.2; just 0.1 over the normal range for healthy individuals!

According the director at the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute in California, Mark Simon, this proves that she defeated cancer.

In Mark Simon’s words:

“Her tumor markers, which reflect the number of cancerous cells, has been well within the normal range for over two years, so we can confidently say that her stage four thyroid cancer is under effective management. I can tell you that most thyroid cancer patients with similar circumstances to Candice who follow the conventional path do not survive or experience a very poor quality of life.”

D-r Simon claims that managing cancer mostly depends on diet, lifestyle, and exercise, as opposed to conventional treatments. As we can witness, Fox is a living testimony to that.

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