With These 11 Foods You Won’t Have Acid Reflux Anymore

In order to stop or better yet, to prevent heartburn, you need to have a super healthy diet and follow it daily and strictly.

In  this article we will present you the 11 foods that reduce or stop heartburn and because of these foods you can stop and resolve this health issues once and for all. If you follow this special diet, you can be sure that your body won’t give you nauseous symptoms and problems like this anymore.

Here are the amazing 11 foods on the list:

Ginger– it is extremely beneficial for reflux removal. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and it is used in the treatment of gastrointestinal tract. In order to consume it, you should peel and and slice or grate it afterwards. You can add it in any kind of dish and meal. However, you should beware not to add it to sweet foods. You can also make a smoothie with ginger.

Oatmeal– officially the best breakfast in the world. You should consume it all the time and as much as you want to because it makes you feel fuller for longer period of time. In order to change it sometimes, you can mix it with some berries or nuts inside since oatmeal absorbs acidity.

Salad- we suggest you to eat salad every day because they are the best for acid reflux. Mix all kind of vegetables or fruits, but avoid tomatoes, onions, cheese and dressings.

Aloe vera– another great ingredient that can cure reflux problems. You can find it as a liquid as well. It can thicken foods and resolve liquids.

Fennel– it has a special taste and not only removes acid reflux but it also improves the overall digestive tract functioning. Slice it and throw it in the salads of arugula and spinach, or even add it on chicken side dishes.

Bananas– they are considered as a healthy super food because they have pH of 5,6. However, this fruit is not for everyone because it gives various effects.

Roots and greens– you should consume more kale, broccoli and green beans. Every green veggie and root veggie is healthy.

Seafood, turkey and chicken– you can boil it, grill it or saute it. However, you should consume it with no skin since the skin is just unhealthy fat. Opt more for lobster, shellfish and shrimp.

Parsley– this herb can be used as a cure for numerous health issues. It makes you cleanse through urinating more and improves digestion. You can use it to garnish your meals as well.

Celery– this veggie is low in calories and has a lot of water.

Couscous and rice– the bulgur and semolina wheat and rice foods are just perfect for this problem because they  are high in carbs and are super food carbs.

If you are struggling with heartburn, you should opt for more healthier diet and consider some mild or natural medications as well.

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Written by Martin

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