What Happens When You Put Onions In Your Socks

Detoxification is one of the most necessary habits to cleanse away all kinds of germs from the body.And here we would like to present to you one such ancient Chinese method with onions which can greatly enhance your condition of health.

Have you known that your body contains meridians whose end points are located at your feet? Well, this is a Chinese concept which primarily co-relates to the presence of nerves or the nervous system in our bodies.These meridians are just pathways with various destinations of the organs.

The bottom portion of your feet is comprised of approximately 7000 nerve endings.There are electrical signals that are conveyed through these meridians. But these are always numb due to the continuous usage of shoes.

Stimulate These Nerve Endings With Onions:

This stimulation can be made by making your feet grind against the earth (negative potential). This should be done by standing outside with bare feet on the ground.Another prominent way of giving it a stimulus is by using onions.

How Is This Done?

Cut an onion and put the slices in your socks while sleeping. Garlic bulbs can also be used. Both of these bulbs are good air purifiers and can ably make you get rid of germs and bacteria. It also contains phosphoric acid which can immensely purify the blood.

Notice: make sure that you are not using the onions twice.

This remedy can help treat many ailments like cold, flu, etc.

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Written by Martin

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