What Your Hand Shape Says About Your Personality

Your hands shape are those which will show you what you really are. Experts explained this.

We all know what the palm reading is. This idea is the thing which date decades before.

Hand shape reading is the thing which is very popular nowadays, and you can read from your own hand.  The lines from your palm are those which will tell a lot for you and your life.

Every type is the thing which will tell different information for you.



This type of hand shape is when the large palms have short fingers. The shorter the fingers are, individual is more stubborn.

This people are passionate and born as a natural leaders.

This people beside all these characteristic also are entertaining, socializing and they pal sports.



The people with this type of hands have square palms and very short fingers.

This people are very responsible, secure and stable are the top 3 on the priority list.

This people are often calm a peaceful when we are talking about the emotions.



Those with air hands are characterized with rectangle shaped palm. They have a fingers long as the palm.

This people have alt of communication properties. They will always overthink things, because their character is like this.

This is their minus because it will take away from the world around them.

The best profession for this people are teaching.



The people with the water shape hand are those with very long fingers and narrow oblong palm.

These people are the ones which have a very big imagination, and with flexible character. The best thing of these people are that are very romantic and sensitive.

Those with air hands are interested in music, poetry and mystery. They usually find success in work that involves caring for others such as charity and spiritual leading.

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Written by Martin

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