This Is What It Means If You See A Man With 1 Painted Fingernail

Today we are going to talk about the situation made of meeting a man with one painted fingernail.

We all know that looks weird, but we need to accept it. No one should be judged by the way he looks like. So, this painted fingernail means that’s been gaining traction among men in Australia and the United States.

All started with Elliot Costello, who has met a little Cambodian girl who was called Thea. They spent a lot of time together and Thea was happy.

One of the activities which they do together was painting nails.

Both of them became so close that they wanted to admit the sexual abuse that they experienced. From that moment and on, Elliot painted one nail which will be always a remembrance of the issue that both of them experienced.

This was not the end. Elliot found the Project about The polished men, which is made to raise the awareness about the children who are sexual abused, and the figure is not small.

In addition we are going to present you thictures o the people who support this project on the social media.

In addition we are going to present you one video in which Eliot is presenting his tragically story and supports The polished men project.

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Written by Martin

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