How To Cleanse Blood Vessels From Cholesterol Overlay With 1 Simple Exercise

The Russian scientist revealed an exercise that will help you cleanse blood vessels from cholesterol overlay, and it is consisted of only one movement.

When the academic Alexander A. Mikulin, a renowned Russian aviation designer, creator of turbojetengines, began to have health problems, he started to elaborate different methods that would allowhim a long and fulfilling life.

He came up with a gymnastics movement, consisting of a simple exercise, hitting the heels on the floor.

This technique effectively improves blood circulation,prevents clogging of veins and normalizes bloodpressure.

It also improves the brain function, the feeling ofheaviness in the head and headache.

The exercise of the Russian scientist to cleanseblood vessels from cholesterol overlay, helped thousands of patients.

His method is very simple: you have to stand on yourtoes so that heels are lifted from the floor about 5 cm (inches), and then a to make a sudden drop on your heels (see picture below), it may feel unpleasant but it is going to be of a big help.

Make 30 movements in 30 seconds, and than take a brake for 5-10 seconds.

The exercises can be done anywhere, at home or while walking, nonetheless, several times a day. But remember, do not raise your heels higher than 5 cm (inches)because instead of the positive effectcanlead to unnecessary stress and fatigue in the feet.

According to Professor Mikulin, these exercises keep the body in good shape, delay aging, are removingoxidants and are good for prevention of thrombophlebitis, myocardial infarction and stroke.

If you have such problems, try this exercise immediately, you have nothing to lose. The results will amaze you.

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