If You Urinate Just Before Sex, Stop It Now And Here’s Why

Having sex is one of the most pleasant moments known to human, nothing can take place of this pleasurable moment. Sex is important for all and people engage in sex for different reason, to enjoy it, to satisfy their partner, to please partner and to show love.

Different people required it for different reason. It includes fantasizing, anal sex, trying different poses,vaginal intercourse along with other requirements.Sex can be leisure, pleasure or fun. Sex can also be painful, confusing or irritating. You should learn to make it smooth and great. Let’s discuss some dos and don’ts we need to keep in mind before sex.



make sure you are enjoying sex; it does not means massive moaning. Do a little and original moan. Ultimately your spouse will know, what’s making you ready. It is a learning process no one becomes perfect at the first time, so be relaxed and enjoy every moment.


foreplay plays a very important part in sex. Sex doesn’t means intercourse, it means enjoying the moment. It also include foreplay, instead for rush sex; just relax feeling pleasure and intimacy. Play with his genitals, hisbody, sends him some naughty and dirty notes.


Always try and have a bath before sex, sometime it is not possible but you should try to take bath. You should clean yourself thoroughly. There is nothing worse than having sex with unclean partner. Bath not only cleans your body but also open your body pours, which make blood circulation quite fast. This hack helps in getting an orgasm easily. Cleaning yourself before sex also saves you from STD and other sexual diseases.


imagination also plays an important role in good sex life. You should fantasize and should share it with your partner; it breaks monotony and helps in better and new sex. For increasing your fantasy you can watch porn or can read some articles or can see images in magazines.


you should always make an eye contact with your partner, this not only increase bonding but also make love pleasurable and everlasting. It helps in knowing what other partner wants.


It is not necessary things work according to your way. Sometimes things don’t go according to yourplans. Instead of getting discomfort try to make situation light by laughing or giggling together. Falling from bed or failure in new pose is a common thing.


guys should know how to make her girl orgasm as she needs your help in getting orgasm. You should know what can make her getting big O. Just penetrating her will not fulfill her requirement, please her, tease her, kiss her, bite her do whatever she wants.


Alike intercourse, kiss is also a part of sex rather kiss is very important in sex. People ignore kissing while have sex. It can be because of pose or bad breathe. In such cases, you should use mouth wash before sex as kissing not only helps you in losing your calories it also ignite you during sex.


you should try different poses, sex becomes boring if you will do it in a same way every time. Try on the floor, sofa, and table or in kitchen. Try to play different character. There are certain things which we can do to make sex more pleasurable. Besides this there are certain things which we should avoid while before sex. Let’s share few important points.



try to shave at least 24 hours before sex. Shaving or waxing irritates sometimes and makes sex rough.


Earlier these were considered good for sex, but alcohol or smoking tighten blood flow. This is proved that in long term smoking and drinking can ruin your sex life.

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Written by Martin

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