How To Cure Skin Tags, Warts, Blackheads, Moles And Age Spots Naturally

As we get older we start becoming more aware of the things on our skin. Age spots pop up, warts and skin tags appear out of nowhere. Our moles seem more noticeable than ever. They are not very pretty, they come out of the blue and it seems that they are with us for the rest of our journey.

Not true. You can get rid of these ugly marks, and moles, using these amazing natural remedies.


Any time a mole changes shape, color, size or irregularity, you should get it checked out.  If you notice the color is darker, it has a different border, becomes red or angry, or grows, seek out the help of your doctor or dermatologist. It may be nothing but if it is something serious, you want to catch and treat it early.

If your mole does not have a suspicious characteristics then try these remedies. Remember to always clean the skin well before doing anything else.

Garlic – Crush, rub it in to your skin then leave on for four hours a day.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Soak in cotton wool, apply to the skin, dress and leave.

Castor oil and baking soda – Mix the two together, make a paste, apply topically, dress and leave.

Repeat as necessary or until the mole falls off


We get warts from the human papillomavirus, commonly known as HPV.

Medical treatment means freezing them off, using salicylic acid.  But you can avoid the doctor and do it on your own.

Bananas – rub the wart with banana peel every night.  Do this nightly for two weeks.  Your wart will disappear.

Pure raw honey – put honey on your skin, rub it and then dress it with a bandage or similar.  Repeat when necessary. Raw honey works.

Garlic – As with a mole, rub crushed garlic on the mole, keep the area wrapped or covered and repeat nightly.  Garlic juice works just as well and can be rubbed in twice daily.


We get skin tags on your necks, upper chest, under our arms and on our eyelids. They are harmless but not attractive. Skin friction is usually the reason for these, but also age. A doctor or dermatologist can remove them by tying them then cutting them off. You can remove them naturally at home.

Tree Tree Oil

A few drops soaked in a cotton ball, applied and taped down can do wonders.  Keep repeating and after a few days your skin tag should disappear.

Use a cotton ball soaked in ACV and squeezed from extra liquid. Tap the affected area and leave it on for some time. It takes a couple of days for the skin tag to darken and fall off.

Castor Oil and Baking Soda

  • Make a paste, equal mixtures of both ingredients, apply to the skin tag,
  • Cover, and repeat when necessary. Within a few days your tag should
  • The paste lasts and be stored in the fridge.


These are also known as age spots or sun spots and they appear with age. Unexpectedly. They start on the hands, arms, face and neck. They come from exposure to the sun and may also be connected to an ageing liver.  Sun spots are treatable naturally.


Peel an onion, juice or blend it, apply to the skin, cover with a bandage and repeat twice daily or as often as necessary.  Spots will start to fade within about seven days.


Squeeze lemon juice onto a cotton ball, apply to the skin, and rub twice daily.  Leave on for a few hours, then repeat.

Aloe Vera

Buy the cream, essential oil or use the gel from your own home grown leaves.

Vitamin C

You can make your own vitamin C serums.  Squeeze juice from an orange or tangerine, apply to the skin, rub in and repeat.  This is good for scarring too.


Mix some horseradish with vinegar for a fairly strong potion.  Apply to your dark spots on a daily basis and cover if necessary.

Watch your dark spots vanish.


Our skin is exposed to the elements daily and gets dirty. This means our pores get clogged up and our skin breathing and regrowth is slowed down.

To cleanse your skin you can use expensive products that may have chemicals or you can make your own.

Sugar Scrub

Mix sugar and lemon into a paste then rub it into your skin.  Massage will in circular motion.  Rinse off with warm water and watch your skin glow and shine.


Steaming with boiling water is the best way to unclog pores.  Wash your face. Pour boiling water into a basin. Place your face over, NOT IN, the water and cover your head with a towel. Breathe in for fifteen minutes, rinse your skin with cool water and apply a light moisturizer.

Try all these home remedies. Your skin will feel and look wonderful.

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Written by Martin

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