These 20 Secret Kitchen Hacks Only Chefs Know

Eating and making delicious food is fun but knowing exactly what to do in the kitchen can be tough. There are millions of recipes and differing pieces of advice that the whole process can get completely overwhelming. However, just the smallest of changes can make preparing food a lot less stressful.

This list of easy kitchen hacks is designed to make preparing the very best food that little bit easier.

Kitchen Hacks

  1. To juice lemons with greater ease, forcefully roll the lemon on a chopping board with your palm. You’ll find that after trying this little trick you’ll gain a lot more juice from the lemon in less time.
  2. Placing a wet cloth underneath your chopping board will stop it from sliding around when you’re cutting up ingredients.
  3. On the subject of eggs, to test if your egg has gone off place it in a tall glass of water. If it floats, throw it out!
  4. If you need to separate the yolk from the egg white don’t fiddle about with utensils, just use the egg shell you just cracked into two.
  5. Try grating cold butter into flour when you’re baking. Rather than causing butter clumps, you will have a more consistent solution.
  6. Chopping off the stem on top of a strawberry always wastes some of that delicious fruit! Get round that by pushing a straw up through the middle of the fruit and push the stem out.
  7. Wearing dry rubber gloves is a guaranteed way to give you the grip needed to open even the toughest jars.
  8. The quickest way to cook pasta is to keep the water as hot as possible. The problem is that we have all experienced the frustrating sound of the water boiling over. To stop this, place a wooden spoon on top of the pot lid.
  9. The most frustrating thing when barbecuing is getting the food stuck to the grill. Try placing meat like chicken and salmon on top of slices of lemon. This will add flavour to your meal, as well as stopping the meat from sticking.
  10. By making a hole in the middle of the food you put in the microwave e.g. pasta or noodles, they will warm up quicker and more evenly.
  11. Homemade ice cubes usually look a lot cloudier than the ones you can buy from stores. To improve your own ice cubes make them from boiling water!
  12. To keep your salad fresh, place two clean paper towels in the container it is stored in. The paper will soak up the water, ensuring that the vegetable leaves remain crisp.
  13. Red wine, on the other hand, isn’t usually best served cold. However, making red wine ice cubes is much better when cooking, as you don’t have to open a new bottle and the melting cubes distribute flavour more evenly in the dish.
  14. Ice cubes aren’t always the best option in drinks. Putting them in wine dilutes the flavour. Next time you want a cold glass of white wine, place frozen grapes in the bottom for the same chill without ruining the taste.
  15. To keep bugs out of your drink on a hot summer’s day put a clean muffin liner over the rim and put a straw through it.
  16. When preparing garlic for a meal peeling them doesn’t have to be such a fiddly task. Simply place the garlic in a sealed container and shake. Take them out and the cloves will be peeled.
  17. If you put a tub of ice cream inside a bag in the freezer it will remain cold but without getting too hard. This makes serving it a great deal easier.
  18. Rather than wildly chopping into a cherry to remove the stone, put the cherry on top of a small bottle, then use a toothpick to push the stones into the bottle below.
  19. Bacon is a delicious treat but most of us have experienced the searing pain of grease splatter. To prevent this add water to the pan BEFORE heating the oil!
  20. Don’t use a knife to peel ginger! Gently peel it with a small spoon, it’s much safer and easier.

These simple hacks will reduce the levels of frustration and time you spend in the kitchen. Adding the into your food preparation routine will give you a much greater chance of doing the only thing that truly matters in the kitchen – enjoying your food!

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Written by Martin

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