This Cancer-Causing Additive Is Still Found In Most Foods

Sugar presents one of the ingredients full with fructose which is very harmful for the organism.

Sodium benzoate, presents one artificial product and it is made from benzoic acid and sodium hydroxide. You can find these ingredients in salad dressing, soda and jams.

It has high destructive qualities.

In 2008, the UK’s Food Standards Agency called a voluntary ban on the preservative. Manufacturers were urged to either refrain from using sodium benzoate or include a warning label outlining the potential effects.

Leukemia presents only one of many health risks posed by sodium benzoate.

In addition we are going to present you more health issues.

  1. Hyperactivity: last researches in UK, presented that children who consumed preservative, have increased hyperactivity.
  2. Increased Asthma Symptoms: At least two separate studies have shown that, when kids with asthma drink soft drinks rich in sodium benzoate, their symptoms worsen. According to one study, this affects 26.3% of all asthmatic children aged 2-13.
  3. Other types of cancer: Sodium benzoate is the cause of different cancer types, just because it reacts on a vitamin C to produce carcinogenic pure benzene.
  4. Impaired motor skills and anxiety: In a recent study by Dr. Ali Noorafshan, sodium benzoate caused anxiety and impaired motor skills in rats. According to Dr. Noorafshan, the preservative reduces levels of zinc in the brain. This covers the impaired motor skills side.

In addition we are going to present you one very short, but in the same time very informational video. You will learn a lot for the sodium benzoate, and never consume it

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Written by Martin

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