5 Reasons Why You Should Pee In The Shower

The title of the article has attracted your attention. Yes, it is good because here we are going to present you that you can pee in your shower because there are several good reasons for it.

You might think it is very grouse but in fact it will be good and you will practice that.

In addition we are going to present you several reasons which will change your negative opinion into positive.

  1. Everybody’s doing it

Recent study was made and the results will shock you. There were 1000 women included into the research and even 75% of them are doing the shower peeing. We are hot forcing you to pee in the shower, but in case you pee there and you feel guilty, don’t.

  1. Your bathroom will stay cleaner

The thing which is necessary for every bathroom is to be clean.  You need to take care of the hygiene and that is the main place you should be worried about. It is the place where you can directly attack bacteria.

  1. It may help you get rid of food fungus

Peeing into the shower presents anti fungal preventive. You can do this in order to eliminate the fungi from your bathroom. It is all sterile and will help you with the athlete’s foot and fungi.

  1. You’ll get to feel like a rebel

Everyone is rebellious when it comes word for this. For those of you who aren’t pierced or tattoo’d or don’t own a leather jacket, why not pee in the shower? You’ll feel free and you’ll feel like rebel, even if it’s only for a few seconds.

  1. It is good for the environment

Last but not least you will protect the environment. You will save water which is perfect for the environment. It will be grateful for life. Save water, pee in the shower, save the planet!

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Written by Martin

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