Top 9 Warning Signs Of High Blood Pressure That You Shouldn’t Ignore

We all know that the blood flows through the vessels and arteries. During that transmission, they are producing certain pressure on them. This pressure can be regulated, so the normal pressure is considered 140/90 and lower than this.

In addition to this post we are going to present you the factors which can led to increased blood pressure.

  1. Stress: this present one of the leading factors of increased blood pressure. You need to control the stress, because during having it your body is producing adrenaline and cortisol, which are the main who are going to disorder the pressure.
  2. Genes: this also plays good role, because, you may genetically have high blood pressure, so you can support it.

But, is not everything so bad, high blood pressure can be controlled and it can be done by the al natural way. You can eliminate the high blood pressure in case you are reading this article and in addition practice it, it is not so hard.

  1. Nutrition plays the main role in having control under your blood pressure. You need to consume ingredients which are natural, and it is better to consume them right.

You need to eat food which is rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins.

  1. You need to quit smoking, because it, which overloading with alcohol will make your blood pressure huge.
  2. The likelihood also grows with age. A lot of people who struggle with endocrine system, diabetes, high cholesterol, kidneys problems are the one which are prone to have high blood pressure problems.

Increased blood pressure is very important to be treated, because in case it is very high the consequences are stroke or heart attack, and nowadays they are the leading causes of deaths worldwide.

Some people are not even aware that they are struggling with high blood pressure, so they need to do their check-ups regularly.

In addition we are going to present you several symptoms which are indicating the stroke or heart attack.

  1. Blurred vision
  2. bleeding from nose
  3. a pounding sensation in the neck and ears
  4. severe headaches
  5. blood in urine
  6. a feeling of numbness
  7. heavy and difficult breathing
  8. a feeling of ligheadedness and frequent dizziness
  9. bad circulation

In case you notice that you have high blood pressure this means that you need to go to your doctor and talk about it, there are certain medication which are going to help you, in case you can’t help yourself.

You need to have DASH diet.

DASH diet means Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.

You need to consume dairy products which are low in fats, eating different fresh products, consuming fish, poultry and nuts.

Also you need to reduce the consumption of sodium.

Also you need to consume Omega 3 fatty acids which are going to reduce the blood pressure and also will help with your overall health.

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