How To Effectively Kill Every Cockroaches In Your House Without Using A Single Chemical

Cockroach are insects which are very disgusting and people don’t like them, and will do everything to eliminate them. Cockroaches are considered omnivores (they can eat both, plant foods or other animals). For these reasons we can find cockroaches everywhere, feeding on anything they lay there eyes on.

Cockroaches always leave a traces where they pass by. This is the way how they can find the source of water and food.

We are going to present you the solution of this problem, once for all.

In addition you will see the recipe.

This process is taking longer period and it is like 3-4 weeks.



  • Raw Egg Yolk
  • 30-50 grams of Boric Acid Powder (or borax or boric powder acid)
  • You also need some latex gloves

How to make:

  • Mix the egg yolk and boric acid powder (or alternative) together well.
  • Put your handy gloves on.
  • Make small round balls out of the mixture while maintaining 1 cm diameters.
  • In an hour, you will probably find them completely dry. Now they are ready to use.

Key Steps

In order for these to work most effectively, it is important to take certain other measures too.
First, we have to make sure the cockroaches don’t have access to any food particles. We need to clean our spaces of any food particles.

After this, we need to take care of our water pipes and other areas with water. We want to make sure there isn’t any water standing around that cockroaches may feel drawn too, nor that our pipes are leaking. We also want to make sure the pipes have proper insulation so that moisture doesn’t condense on them.

The borax balls need to be laced in a place where the insects are moving. This is the time where you need to follow them and learn their way, in order to put them in an ambush.

As mentioned before, they like being near food and water. You will likely find them within 5 feet of these sources. You want to put these balls around the cracks and crevices in and around walls, doors, and furniture. Check around appliances like the stove and fridge; they feel safe going there.

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Written by Martin

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