Your Eyebrows Say A Lot About Your Personality

Jean Haner is an expert in “face reading,” and he claims that your eyebrows can reveal more about you than you can imagine, including your confidence level, your motivation,your logic and your organizational skills.

Do you believe that your eyebrows might give the answer to what kind of person you really are? Continue reading and discover what does the shape of your eyebrows reveals about you.

  1. Curved Eyebrows

Those with curved eyebrows are considered as perfectionists. Since you quickly notice physical details your friends most likely see you as somebody with strong visual perception.

  1. If Your Eyebrows are Curve, You Also Have a Creative Side

Lots of people with angled eyebrows are very talented and crafty. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are painters, but they have the vision to make something out of nothing.

  1. Naturally Straight Eyebrows

These people are generally very reliable and realistic. If you are one of those, everyone, including your colleagues, friends and family in times of need can depend on you.

  1. Straight Eyebrows Also Indicate Sensible Approach

People with straight eyebrows are exceptionally calm and they can handle different assignments at the same time.

  1. Eyebrows with an Upward Curve

People whose eyebrows have an upward curve are most likely prone to rivalry. You are really ambitious and are excellent person for supervisory positions.

  1. Upward Curving Eyebrows Can Also Indicate a Hard Working Attitude

The one thing these persons can’t accept is losing and you want to shine in everything you do. This very often means overindulging at work that sometimes can seriously disturb your relationship.

  1. Eyebrows That Curve

Those with curving eyebrows are generally sensible and reasonable. Even though these people are generally calm and collected, sometimes, they can let their feelings overpower their reason. Persons who have this type of eyebrows also indicates that they are balanced.

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Written by Martin

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